How to choose switching power?

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 How to choose switching power?

As the heart of electronic equipment, switching power supply plays an important role in the safe and reliable operation of electronic equipment.

The switching power supply consumes part of its power and releases it in the form of heat

There are some problems to consider when selecting switching power supply:

1, in order to improve the reliability of the system, it is recommended that switching power supply work in the 50%-80% load is better, that is, if the power used is 20W, should choose the output power of 25W-40W switching power supply.

2, as far as possible the use of manufacturers of standard power supply, including the standard size and output voltage. This will lead to faster delivery; on the contrary, special sizes and output voltages will increase development time and cost.

3, clear the range of the input voltage, the input AC input voltage specifications for example, commonly used with 110V, 220V, so the corresponding had 110V, 220V AC switch, and universal input voltage (AC:85V-264V) three specifications. The input voltage specification shall be selected according to the use area.

4, switching power supply will consume part of the power in the work, and released in the form of heat, so users in the system design (especially closed systems) should consider the heat dissipation of switching power supply.

5, according to the service condition, set the output voltage and current needs; power supply size, installation method and installation hole; there are several outputs, each output is electrical isolation; input voltage range; according to the ambient temperature, determines the derating degree, the switching power supply power supply power; the need for authentication and safety standards cooling mode: power supply; natural cooling or forced air cooling; EMC standard.




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